Top Tips for Avoiding Autumn Accidents by JS Bodyworx, Experts in Accident Repairs near Hazlemere

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We’re not sure about you but here at JS Bodyworx – specialists in accident repairs near Hazlemere, it’s certainly felt as though Autumn is on the way this week. Not that we’re sure where this year has gone… we guess it got lost in lockdown. However, all being well we can get through this new normal business following the COVID-19 guidelines outlined by the Government, and with Autumn on its way we thought it as good a time as any to consider the perils that driving in Autumn can bring.

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Autumn is often the most dangerous of the seasons; with unpredictable weather and seasonal changes making the roads difficult to navigate at times.

It’s important as this time of year to:

  • Stick to speed limits and slow down where visibility is reduced
  • Check the tread of your tyres is adequate to ensure your car doesn’t slip in wet weather
  • Ensure all lights are working and remember to put them on as darkness looms to see and be seen
  • Stay socially distanced from the vehicle in front of you
  • Make sure your windscreen is clear and windscreen wipers aren’t passed their best

All the above points will help you avoid accidents throughout Autumn, especially if you bear the following points in mind as seasonal changes start to happen.

  • As we see out the end of summer and autumn arrives the sun being lower in the sky can pose a problem first thing and late afternoon. Drivers need to take extra care to see cyclists, pedestrians and oncoming vehicles.
  • Leaves (plus fruit, nuts and sometimes branches) start falling from the trees, covering the roads, hiding potholes and making surfaces pose a greater risk of skidding as they get wet from seasonal rain showers.
  • With schools set to return as evenings draw in on us, it’s vital that drivers watch out for pedestrians and cyclists. At dusk also be aware of wildlife crossing roads, particularly near woodland areas.
  • As farmers start to harvest their crops, the roads, particularly the narrow lanes in and around Hazlemere in Buckinghamshire are used more frequently by farmers operating heavy machinery.

Accident Repairs near Hazlemere

Should you be in the unfortunate position to be involved in a road accident that requires repairs to your vehicle, get in touch with the friendly team here at JS Bodyworx car body shop Hazlemere on 01494 440 123. We carry our accident repairs near Hazlemere and can even offer you a quote for your insurance company if required.

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