Alloy Wheel Damage Amersham

alloy wheel damage amersham

JS Bodyworx are experts in alloy wheel refurbishment working in and around Amersham. If you like to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, we’re here to inform you of the type of damage your alloy wheels can sustain and ways to avoid inflicting damage.

Damaged Alloy Wheels Amersham

  • Chipped alloy wheels can occur when you have an impact and visible chunks are removed from the wheel.
  • Cracked alloy wheels can occur upon impact while driving. Cracks can grow to a substantial size, if you don’t get them repaired efficiently your wheels could need to be scrapped, but always check with us first.
  • Corroded alloy wheels occur when it reacts with salt from the road.
  • Kerbed alloy wheels occur when your wheel impacts with the kerb.

If you notice any of these or other types of damage to your alloy wheels, it is definitely worth getting in touch with JS Bodyworx  to discuss our alloy wheel refurbishment service in Amersham.

Alloy Wheels Amersham

There are ways to avoid damaging your alloy wheels. You can avoid hitting potholes, kerbs and raised drains. If you watch drivers ahead of you, often you will notice they swerve to avoid obstacles that pose a threat to their wheels.

Make sure you drive around puddles when it’s raining as these can often hide potholes. If you do have no choice but to hit a pothole, avoid the temptation to hit the brakes and drive through it to spread the damage across the whole wheel.

For more information on alloy wheel refurbishment in Amersham, get in touch with JS Bodyworx on 01494 440123.

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