Alloy Wheel Damage Beaconsfield

alloy wheel damage beaconsfield

Drivers in and around Beaconsfield need to drive with extra caution as there has been an increase in pothole damage to the wheels of motors this winter.

Potholes can significantly reduce the safety of your tyres and wheels, as well as damaging suspension and steering components. If you hit a pothole be sure to inspect your wheels for signs of damage. Signs of wheel damage are not limited to scuffs and kerbing but also include bulging in the sidewalls of your tyres, denting the rims, vibration or deflation of your tyres or buckling of your wheel.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Beaconsfield

JS Bodyworx specialise in alloy wheel refurbishment in and around Beaconsfield. We frequently repair wheels damaged by potholes, as well as wheels that have been kerbed, stone chipped or corroded. For the record, it is often much more cost effective to refurbish your alloys than to replace them, and our customers are often surprised at how well their damaged, almost written off alloy wheels come back looking as good as new once we’ve worked our magic.

Our alloy wheel refurbishment service is mobile, because we know you have busy lives and we can carry out our work from your driveway and typically you will have your car back at the end of the day… except in situations where wheels have suffered heavy corrosion, then we will need to take your motor to our workshop.

If your wheels have suffered as a result of the poor state of the roads this winter then contact JS Bodyworx Monday to Friday on 07779 236 745 for mobile alloy wheel refurbishment in Beaconsfield and we work Saturday’s by appointment only.

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