Alloy Wheel Damage

alloy wheel damage gerrards cross

At JS Bodyworx, we specialise in alloy wheel refurbishment, in fact, mobile alloy wheel refurbishment, for your convenience. The type of damage you will probably notice if you’re considering alloy wheel refurbishment includes:

Chips – these appear in alloy wheels following something as simple as an impact with a stone while driving along. You will notice small chunks have been taken out of the alloy.

Corrosion – alloys react badly with salt on the road usually in the winter months, you’ll notice a white dust-lie coating if your wheels become affected. This needs addressing before substantial damage is called.

Cracks – any impact can cause an alloy wheel to crack, if you notice your wheels are cracked you should get your wheels assessed as if the crack grows to a substantial size it could mean your wheel becomes beyond the point we can refurbish.

Kerbing – scraping your wheel  often when parking can cause significant damage.

All of the above are usually easily remedied with our mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service carried out in and around Gerrards Cross. Substantial corrosion can result in us having to carry out alloy wheel repairs from our body shop over a period of 2-3 days.

There are also some ways you can attempt to avoid damaging your wheels:

  • Avoid hitting potholes, kerbs or any raised obstructions in the road
  • Steer clear of puddles in wet weather as these can conceal potholes
  • Watch out for cars swerving for seemingly no reason, they could be dodging a pothole you need to steer clear of too
  • Keep your alloys clean to avoid build up of salt and/or brake dust that is an enabler for corrosion
  • Check your wheels regularly for damage. A new set of alloys is an expensive investment, alloy wheel refurbishment is a fraction of the cost.

JS Bodyworx are experts in alloy wheel refurbishment in Gerrards Cross. We can save you time and money. At JS Bodyworx we will come to you and carry out our refurbishment services on alloy wheel damage in Gerrards Cross and this will cost you very little compared to the price of a whole new set of wheels. For more information get in touch with us on 07779 236745.

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