Maintaining your Alloy Wheels

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At JS Bodyworx, we are experts in alloy wheel refurbishment, but in order to keep your wheels in the pristine condition that we deliver them back to you, it’s important to follow a strict maintenance routine. It is vital that your alloy wheels are cared for efficiently to ensure they remain safe. It’s a mistake to think that alloys are purely a cosmetic accessory; they can impact how the car handles. The weight of a vehicle plus its passengers, weather and road conditions plus the speed at which the car is driven can all have an impact on how safe your wheels are.

Without proper maintenance, alloy wheels are more likely to corrode. It is important when cleaning alloys to use products specifically designed for the task, many car cleaning products contain acids that if not removed adequately can cause lasting damage to your wheels. Road salt is another leading cause of surface damage, which means in winter when roads are gritted it’s important to clean you alloy wheels more regularly. The build up of brake dust can bond with dirt on the surface of your alloys and can lead to severe damage and corrosion. Simply cleaning your alloys with an appropriate car shampoo can remove brake dust, but it’s advisable to use a soft brush around the rims to ensure you remove any build up.

Taking Good Care of your Alloy Wheels

  • Driving carefully is advised to keep your alloys in good shape; avoid parking too close to kerbs and avoid potholes in the road.
  • Don’t wash your wheels immediately after driving, when they are hot as you will risk them cracking and create a safety hazard.
  • Washing your alloy wheels with a soft microfibre cloth and gentle shampoo will remove brake dust and prevent build up.
  • Avoid being too rough when washing your alloys. Be sure to dry your alloys and remove any remaining solution from them.
  • Use alloy wheel wax to protect the surface of your alloys.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Chalfont St Peter

Following these steps on a regular basis will help prolong the look and performance of your alloy wheels. Remember though if you do sustain damage to your alloy wheels you needn’t replace the whole set, you can contact JS Bodyworx on 07779 236745 and book your wheels in for refurbishment. We offer a convenient, mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service in the Chalfont St Peter area, and our highly skilled team will have your wheels looking immaculate for a fraction of the price of a new set.

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