Benefits of Alloy Wheels

alloy wheel refurbishment service high wycombe

JS Bodyworx based in High Wycombe are experts in alloy wheel refurbishment. When your wheels look a little worse for wear we can repair at a fraction of the cost a new set of alloys will set you back. Alloy wheels are advantageous for a number of reasons including:

Alloy Wheels are Stylish

For anyone wanting to enhance the look of their motor, alloy wheels do just that, transforming a somewhat ordinary motor into a car that really looks the part. Alloy wheels can be customised too, to give your vehicle the personalised touch; different finishes can be applied and what’s more they come in a range of different sizes to accommodate all motors.

Alloy Wheels Increase the Value of your Motor

Alloy wheels offer greater benefits and are more aesthetically pleasing than their steel equivalents, making your motor more desirable to potential buyers and in turn upping the asking price.

Alloy Wheels are Lightweight

Aluminium is the ingredient responsible for the lightweight feel of alloy wheels; decreasing the unsprung weight of a motor, improving handling and enhancing steering and faster acceleration and efficient braking.

Alloy Wheels are Durable

Alloy wheels are far more durable than their steel counterpart. Alloys offer increased flexibility and hardiness. Heat disperses more efficiently which means it’s less likely they will crack or bend. This increased durability can save you money over time and improve the performance of your motor.

JS Bodyworx Can Repair Alloy Wheels

While alloy wheels are tough, over time they encounter damage as a result of poor road conditions, kerbing and adverse weather conditions. A set of alloy wheels can be a significant investment but at JS Bodyworx we remove the need to replace your alloys but efficiently and effectively refurbishing your alloys, ensuring they look as good as new. For more information about our first class alloy wheel refurbishment service in High Wycombe get in touch with us on 01494 440123.

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