Alloy Wheel Repair Chalfont St Giles

alloy wheel repair chalfont st giles

Alloy wheels are a must-have accessory for car owners. It is, however, frustratingly easy to damage alloy wheels. Hitting a pothole can buckle your wheel, parking can lead to scratching or kerbing your alloys, hairline cracks occur because alloy is a more fragile material than steel.

Here’s some advice on how to avoid wheel damage:

  1. Take caution when you park next to a kerb. Use your mirrors to avoid clipping the kerb and inflicting damage.
  2. Avoid hitting potholes in the road which can dent the rims, buckle a wheel or even puncture tyres.
  3. Clean your wheels regularly to avoid dirt collecting leading to corrosion of your alloys.
  4. Ensure you tyres are inflated to the correct tyre pressures; under inflated tyres can lead to damaged wheel rims.

There’s a cost effective solution when you sustain damage to your alloy wheels. Get in touch with an alloy wheel refurbishment expert. Here at JS Bodyworx, customers are often prepared to discard damaged alloys when in fact we can come to you and refurbish your alloy wheels there and then at a more reasonable cost than replacing them.

Alloy Wheel Repair Chalfont St Giles

JS Bodyworx can consider the damage to your alloys and provide a quote so that you can compare and decide whether a new set of wheels or alloy wheel repair suits your budget best. Get in touch with JS Bodyworx today on 07779 236745 and we can arrange to come to your home or place of work to refurbish your alloys wheels.

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