What is Alloy Wheel Refurbishment?

alloy wheel refurbishment gerrards cross

JS Bodyworx are experts in alloy wheel refurbishment in and around Gerrards Cross. Refurbishing alloy wheels is the process of removing damage and corrosion from your wheels. It returns your wheels to their former glory and has them looking as good as new in no time with our convenient mobile alloy wheel refurbishment process.


If you are looking for alloy wheel refurbishment in Gerrards Cross it is definitely best to hire a professional. This is because to do it properly and achieve the desired finish you need specialist ovens and equipment for a truly exceptional, durable finish.

At JS Bodyworx, we remove your alloy wheels from your motor and strip the wheel with an appropriate chemical to remove any existing finish. At this point we can fully assess any damage that needs to be repaired.

After stripping the wheels we blast them to remove:

  • any finish that’s not been removed
  • any corrosion that’s present

This prepares the wheel for the refurbishment. We can simply rub down light scuffs but for deeper damage we will need to fill and sand the wheel down.

Once the wheel has been smoothed, we apply a base coat to the wheel.  After paint has been applied and dried a clear coat of lacquer is used to cover the wheel to ensure the paint stays looking great. Colours can also be applied to your wheels for a truly personal look.


For pristine alloy wheels, JS Bodyworx won’t let you down. We come to your home or place of work to carry out Alloy Wheel Repair in and around Gerrards Cross. To see the amazing results that we achieve checkout our Facebook page. For more information about alloy wheel refurbishment get in touch with us today on 07779 236 745.

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