COVID-19 Lockdown: Keep your Motor Road Safe

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Hello! How is lockdown treating you? At JS Bodyworx, car body shop near Penn, we hope you and your families are safe and well at this unsettling time. Just so you are aware JS Bodyworx are available should you have any essential car body repairs you need carrying out in and around Penn, Buckinghamshire during lockdown. We have procedures in place to ensure we stick to the COVID-19 Government guidelines and maintain social distancing.


JS Bodyworx are here to clarify the rules outlined by the Government surrounding the use of your motor during the Coronavirus lockdown for anyone who is still a bit confused.

Car journeys should only be made for essential reasons, these include:

  • Travel to and from your workplace where your work is essential and working from home is not possible.
  • Shopping for essentials for yourself or someone deemed vulnerable.
  • Needing to get yourself or a member of your family to a medical professional.


The problem with these rules is that indefinite use can cause problems when it comes to needing to drive again once lockdown is relaxed. Here are some tips that will help to keep your car roadworthy:

  1. It is vital to maintain your car battery. To do this start your car up and let it run for 15 minutes at least once a week. Avoid leaving your car unattended whilst doing at all costs.

This process will increase the charge of your battery and circulate fuel and oil around the engine. Do not keep starting your car and turning it off quickly as this can be detrimental to the starter motor.

  1. The brakes need maintaining too. Brake discs can start to corrode if your car isn’t driven for a long while. They will need attention from a mechanic if this leads to them seizing up.

You can avoid this by rolling your car up and down your drive a short distance once in a while. This can also prevent issues arising with your tyres and handbrake.

  1. If your MOT is due during the COVID-19, don’t worry! Be aware that from March 30th 2020, a 6 month grace period was granted to prevent non-essential journeys and to free up garages to deal with essential work required by keyworkers..


As we mentioned, the JS Bodyworx car body shop near Penn remains open for essential repairs. We are available to collect and return your motors. We hope this will stop you needing to break Government guidelines to stay home.

For more information about our lockdown services for car body work repairs including alloy wheel refurbishment and paintwork repairs you can get in touch with us on 01494 440 123.

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