Our New Spray Booth is Open for Resprays at Our New Car Bodyshop near Penn

Here at JS Bodyworx car bodyshop near Penn, we are open once again for paintwork repairs and resprays. This week our new spray booth was completed and our first job was this beautiful Audi RS4. Check out our Facebook post for more images of the respray process.

car resprays near Penn

Car Resprays near Penn

Here at our new car bodyshop we fix paintwork damaged in accidents or carry out full body resprays. In fact we can pretty much accommodate anything else you might need spraying.

A car respray is a complex process. For a successful respray you should always enlist an experienced respray professional, with access to a dedicated environment and equipment to complete the paintwork process.

Car Paintwork Repairs near Penn

Here’s a list of things we do to ensure your car is returned to you looking as beautiful, if not more so, than the day you bought it.

  • We can respray dull paintwork the original colour, we can do a complete colour change or we can respray damaged areas of your vehicle.
  • We quality check our work at every stage of the respray process.
  • We remove all trims, handles and mouldings.
  • We ensure the bodywork of your vehicle is cleaned thoroughly and prepped before respraying. This includes removing minor dents and corrosion.
  • We mask off all areas of the vehicle that are not to be painted e.g. lights, wheels, windows etc.
  • We strip back the old colour and prime surfaces, before rubbing them down.
  • We apply a base coat and then coat it with anti-scratch lacquer to ensure a gleaming finish. Then we buff and polish the car.

Car Bodyshop near Penn

So, now that our new spray booth is up and running, get in touch with us here at JS Bodyworx, car body repair shop near Penn. Call 01494 440 123 for more information about our paintwork repairs and resprays.

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