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classic car restoration near Marlow

At JS Bodyworx – car body shop near Marlow – we don’t only deal with paintwork repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment, we also take on classic car restoration projects at our car body shop near Marlow.

At our car body shop near Marlow, we are driven by a love for restoring classic cars piece by piece, from bumper to bumper. Through our classic car restoration service near Marlow we take on an old motor and enhance its look and feel to ensure it looks and runs as good as it did in its hay day. By sourcing relevant parts specifically made for the exact model of car we get return these classics to their overjoyed owners in full working order.

The process of classic car restoration is an exciting practise. Already this year we have fully restored an E Type Jag and returned it in exceptional order to the ecstatic delight of its owner. And we are currently in the process of restoring another E Type Jag and will be starting on a Ford Capri 280 in the new year.

Classic Car Restoration near Marlow

Classic car restoration is defined as the process of returning a classic motor to its former glory. At JS Bodyworx we aim to ensure the classic vehicle looks as aesthetically pleasing as it did when it was first manufactured.

If you are looking to restore your classic car, and it’s a practise we highly recommend if you have the skills and know-how, here are some tips to help you achieve your dream:

  1. Budget – classic car restoration is often costly. Access relevant sites or catalogues of the relevant parts you will need for your specific make of motor and be sure to crunch the numbers.
  2. Assess – examine the car from top to bottom and inside out to establish the necessary repairs. It could be best to bite the bullet and have a professional (like us here at JS Bodyworx) look over the vehicle to determine whether restoration is a feasible option worth your time and money.
  3. Confirm – discuss budget expectations with a car restoration expert to ensure your estimates are realistic.
  4. Restore – ensure work being carried out is efficient. Check in with experts to establish how the project is progressing. Once restored be sure to conduct regular maintenance to ensure you maintain the vehicles condition. Restoration isn’t the final step I the project. A classic car requires regular care and attention.

Car Body Shop near Marlow

JS Bodyworx regularly carry out full classic car restoration near Marlow. If you have a classic car and dream of doing it up and driving around in it again, get in touch on 01494 440123 to discuss your requirements.



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