JS Bodyworx – The Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Specialists

alloy wheel repair specialists amersham

If you’re looking for trusted alloy wheel refurbishment specialists in the Amersham, then get in touch with JS Bodyworx!

Alloy Wheel Repairs Amersham

At JS Bodyworx, we offer a convenient service; we come to you to repair your alloy wheels and carry out alloy wheel repairs on almost any type of wheel in any size, colour or finish. We carry out repairs in one day, at a place of your choice, which saves you the hassle of being without a car. If your wheels are badly corroded however, it is likely we will need to repair them at our workshop, which could take a few days.

Our mobile alloy wheel repair service in Amersham delivers high quality repairs, is far more cost effective than other car body shops and s carried out on your doorstep, be it from your home or work place.  For more information about the services JS Bodyworx offers checkout our website and Facebook gallery for examples of our work.

When to Call in the Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Experts

If you are considering alloy wheel refurbishment you have probably noticed one or more of the following tarnishing the appearance of your wheels:

  • Chipped alloy wheels have small chunks chipped out of the alloy. These are often the result of a stone impacting the wheel as you drive along.
  • Corroded alloy wheels are often the result of a reaction with the salt from gritted roads.
  • Cracks can result form any impact, from hitting a pothole to stones hitting the wheel, cracks can expand quickly therefore need to be addressed before a wheel becomes beyond repair.

Before you think your wheels are beyond repair call on JS Bodyworx, you would be surprised at what we can restore to look as good as new. For more information about the services we offer get in touch on 07779 236 745.


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