Understanding Alloy Wheels

alloy wheel refurbishment chalfont st peter

JS Bodyworx operates in Chalfont St Peter, specialising in alloy wheel refurbishment. We understand the pride you take in your vehicle, so check out our advice in order to understand the right set of alloys for your motor.

Alloy Wheels Chalfont St Peter

Alloy wheels provide a chance for you to customise your car. They also enhance suspension performance, acceleration and handling. On the market is an enormous range of style options, which can make it an overwhelming task to choose the right wheels to improve how your motor looks.

Take the following into account when looking for a new set of alloys:

  • Budget – alloy wheels can prove a costly investment expensive.
  • Style
    • Split rim or single piece alloy trims?
    • Colour?
    • Lines and curves?
    • Finish?
  • Size
    • Ensure you don’t purchase alloys that are too big – if you do these can put strain on your brakes and handling of your car.
    • But, don’t buy alloy wheels that are too small – these can position your car too low.
  • Usage
    • If you drive in lots of traffic then a light alloy trim can alter the pressure your brakes are under when you frequently start-stop.
    • For better acceleration and handling a wider rimmed wheel is a better option.
  • Finish
    • If you are looking for low maintenance alloys, avoid en trend wheels with a glossy or mirrored finish.
    • A matt finish proves most popular as scratches and other imperfections often appear disguised.

Mobile Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Chalfont St Peter

After you purchase your perfect alloy wheels be sure to keep them in good condition. At JS Bodyworx, operating a mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service in Chalfont St Peter, we can repair damage and/or corrosion to stop you from needing to purchase a new set of alloys. As experts in alloy wheel repair we can have them looking as good as new. Our professional team can refurbish and colour change alloy wheels of various styles for all types of motors from the comfort of your home or place of work. For more information about our alloy wheel services contact us at JS Bodyworx on 07779 236745.

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